Attorney Kelly’s Story


I am an attorney, but I have a story just like you. And I want to share it with you. Here goes nothing!

I graduated from the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law with a desire to practice criminal law. But a divorce and sole custody of 4 young children under the age of seven changed my course…for a while.

So, I pursued another love–education. I taught Social Studies and American History to enthusiastic middle school students, who made me appreciate the joys and experience the pains of teaching in an inner city public school system. After I left secondary education, I decided to teach adults. I taught Business Law, Government Contracts & Procurement, Civil and Criminal Procedures and other law-related courses at Strayer University for over 9 years. 

My adult education teaching career also included time at Remington College in the Criminal Justice Department. Constitutional Law was a favorite class of mine to teach. But Evidence Processing class was a close second since the students and I actually worked in the lab to locate and preserve evidence. I also taught English, Juvenile Justice and other legal courses for Axia College of the University of Phoenix for over 5 years.

Education will always be a passion. But my interest and study of the law never waned. And I finally made my way back to my first love with the establishment of The Law Offices of Pamela Williams Kelly. I concentrate my practice in the areas of immigration, entertainment and family law. Believe me when I say that there is a relationship between all 3 areas.

My client list includes new entrepreneurs, chefs, visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors and fashion designers. I help creative types protect their works through traditional legal channels such as copyright and trademark law, while developing multiple alternative revenue streams. I also counsel clients about establishing a business model that will help to build, promote and protect their brand in the United States and beyond our borders.

My interest in the entertainment area stems from over 12 years in music and related industries. I earned my license as a FCC radio announcer while working as a college DJ at Mississippi State University (MSU). I hosted my radio show under the on-air name of Vanity (my salute to Purple Rain and one of my favorite male performers, Prince). I worked for two radio stations after I left MSU and held the position of promotions & continuity director before I decided to attend law school.

My firm cares about family. And when the family is in crisis, I try to provide a roadmap to a solution. At this critical juncture, I provide legal representation in the areas of divorce, child custody and support, wills, powers of attorney or conservatorships.

In the area of immigration law, I focus on families who want to come or stay in this country legally by securing a visa, green card or work permit. I will appear before the Memphis Immigration Court to stop a removal (deportation), argue for asylum or appeal for other relief for a noncitizen who wants to make a positive contribution to our country. But United States immigration law can also help an athlete, actor or musician come to this country to share his/her artistry. And I stand between two countries to get it done.

Since I am licensed to practice law in Tennessee, state licensure also allows me to practice immigration law before the Memphis Immigration Court and other federal immigration courts across the nation and at consular posts internationally. I am an active member of the American Bar, Tennessee Bar and Memphis Bar Associations. I am also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Whew…that’s enough about me! Thank you for taking the time to learn my story. I hope that you enjoy the information shared on this site.

Pamela Williams Kelly, Esq.

This page updated on August 12, 2017.



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