Entertainment / Fashion Law

Entertainment is not just one part of our existence. With the widespread of technology, entertainment extends beyond radio or TV. It now comprises social media, tablets and the clouds. Things that were so foreign a mere 5 years ago are now common place. And with change comes a good legal fight! I will share some of the those legal fights with you and share ways to stay out of court as well.

Another note, I cannot overlook fashion. It is just as important to an entertainer as the song he sings. Check out the website of athletes, actors and chefs…and you will see that clothes make the man or woman. And the field of fashion is beginning to feel the heat…once again in the courtroom. And I will bring you along for an inside look.

Sample Practice Areas:

P-1, P-2 and P-3 Visas
Trademark registration
Copyright registration
Business name protection
Ghostwriting agreements
Work for hire agreement
Transfer or assignment of copyright agreements
Contract review, negotiation or formation


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