Immigration Law

The debate about immigration is growing. And the legal community is preparing for a future of new laws and regulations. The Memphis Immigration Court will be in the forefront of any change since it serves interested parties from Tennessee, Arkansas and parts of Kentucky and Mississippi.

As a licensed attorney, I am privileged to represent clients in any immigration court whether they live in the Mid-South, California or New Orleans. This privilege exists because of immigration law classification as federal law.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
Adjustment of Status
Green Card
Fiance’ Visa
Family-Based Immigration
P-1, P-2 and P-3 Visa
Consular Processing assistance


12 thoughts on “Immigration Law

  1. I need help really bad. My husband is in immigration jail in Louisiana and I don’t know what to do since I have not got the money to bond him out. I paid one lawyer the last bit of money I had but I think he just took our money and is not trying to help us in anyway. Pease if you can help call or email me. He was the only one in our family working and with him gone we will be in a shelter by oct. I have 3 kids at home. One with ADHD and one with autism and ADHD… Pease we eyed help! 2286270236…

  2. Good afternoon Miss pamela. My name is Maria I wonder if you can help my husband out of ice I do not speak English I translated this but I need your help grabbing almost three weeks the police grabbed him and took him to georgia he was the sole breadwinner of the family have two girls aged 7 years and 3 years and I have a month for my son born I have no job and are very badly need much to my husband Help me please

  3. Hello, came from Dominican Republic with a Visitor Visa, cross my time of 6 months: i94, after that I married a permanent resident. What can I do if im out of status?

  4. hola tengo un caso con una tia que necesita un abogado de migracion que sea del estado pork eya no tiene como pagar uno y lo nesesita para el marzo 22 2016 a las 8:30 ella se yama marta elena herrera aguirre su fecha d nacimiento es junio 18 del 1988 …a ella la agararo cuando estaba cruzando la frontera y orita esta pidiendo un acilo bueno hojala los pueda ayudar

  5. Dear Ma’am,
    I would like to inquire regarding my case.
    I been in the US since 1988 to 2007 working and paying tax with a work permit due to Amnesty but unfortunately I was died so I voluntary went back home not being deported to my country of origin which is the Philippines due to my parents condition and both are currently pass way, and the rest of my Family are in the US.
    I been petition by my sister and it was approved but it will be a while to get visa here due to according to category.
    I did wrote a letter to Administrative of Appeal Offices in the US to consult my case and told me to get a Lawyer in here to represent my case.
    I do know that US have a Law right now that with in the maximum of 10 years with in the US you can apply for a green card and I’m more that.
    Will you be enable to help me with my case and do I have a way to fight for my right to go back soon to be with my family specially during the holidays.
    I do hope you’ll be enable to help me with my case and thank you for your time.
    I will be looking forward to hear form you soon.
    Ms. Wivina F. Mendez

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